Customised Fergos

Custom imaging is really what plastic projections are all about, they have been developed with the idea of creating images on site and getting agreement from all parties (director, set designer and lighting designer) the image suits the performance.

The main problem is having the ability to produce a high-resolution result once an image has been agreed to. In some cases a grainy washed out image may be the desired effect but in most, saturation and clarity of image are paramount.

This is where a fergo can help, we can produce images in a 24 hour turnaround from receipt your high-resolution image. We can tailor make your image to a consistent colour for a specific lamp source in CMYK or RGB colour mode.

Custom images are kept on file for future use as copies. Logo’s and show files can be used annually with no extra set up cost.

Just let us now what you are after, in the order enqiury form and we will get back to you.

Please make sure that you know the difference between a Standard and a LongLife fergo.