Hints & Tips

How do I get rid of the ghosting on text images?
Stage luminaries are basically a projector with a focal point and optically are not renowned for their accuracy. On the Selecon pacific however it is possible to get quite good results by use of old fashioned focusing techniques, such as doughnuts and sizing the image to match the sweet spot of the luminare and accurate focussing.

All fixtures have a sweet spot (where the optics are at their best) and it is best to size the image to suit this. Trial and error will determine the correct size for the focus and coverage required. A basic principle with text is to keep it well within the constraints of the A or M size image to eliminate excessive ghosting.

Q:Why are my longlife fergos burning out prematurely?
On some GKV Pacific’s there are springs that are too long for the spacers found in the lamp adjust mechanism, it is a relatively simple task to cut the excess spring height away so that the base can be lowered to the spacer height. Your Selecon dealer can assist in this or contact us if more assistance is required.