What luminaries and lamps will work with fergo?

From the outset all testing and field tests have been conducted on the Selecon Pacific range as it has the most effective heat management system available.

That being said the Rosco Imagepro now makes it possible to use the following luminaries:

ETC Source 4
Altman Shakespeare
Strand SL

575HPL (do not use 750w)
600 GKV
600 GKV

Plastic projections will only last in these luminaries when used in conjunction with the Rosco Imagepro.

The Selecon Pacific does not require anything other than being properly set up to start to use plastic projections.

It is however an extremely versatile fixture in both lens modularity but also lamp modularity.

For tungsten we prefer the GKV or 80v as the peaky nature of the lamp means a more predictable life of image as well as more control

The following should be a guide to lamps to be used but should be tested prior to committing to a production for life and suitability.

Lamp source
600 GKV (blue base)
T/27 (red base)
800w GKV (blue base)
80v 1200w

70w CDM
150w CDM

Recommended Accessory

Plastic UV or Glass UV filter
Plastic UV or Glass UV filter
Plastic UV or Glass UV filter
Glass UV filter or Imagepro or both

Glass UV filter
Glass UV filter
DMX 512 dowser and glass UV plus Imagepro

NB. It is advisable to use longlife fergo’s for discharge sources as there is a high UV content in these lamps that will degrade faster in a standard fergo.