In the media
Fergo Plastic Projections® has been on the topic of many national and international Magazines.

In the Australian LIGHTING, issue 11 2002 Andy Ciddor wrote:

Let There Be Lighting
Custom Gobos on The Fly

In the right hands, gobo projection from ellipsoidal reflector spots (ERS) can be a very powerful production tool. We have reached that moment in technological evolution where the increasing optical efficiency of ellipsoidal spots and the decreasing light requirements of our camera pickups have finally collided. This development ushers in the realistic possibility of using gobo projection in our everyday work.

The range of ready-made gobo patterns available from the catalogs of GAM (, High End (, Lee (, Rosco ( - and many others - is quite extensive, although some of the patterns have been around long enough to have become visual clichés. Although the ready-mades will certainly add a cost-effective dimension to your compositions, sooner or later you will need something that isn't in the book or on the Web site...

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In LD Lighting Dimensions Oct 1 2004, Mats Karlsson wrote

No Frills Projection

Scenic projection can add new dimensions to a production and create visual effects not necessarily attainable with scenery, lighting, or props. Projection for entertainment and presentation has seen a revival over the last ten years, and the phrase, “We're going to do it with projection,” has become a source of both excitement and fear. Done well, it can make a very substantial contribution to the production, but doing it well takes time, imagination, and, of course, skill. It is no “get out of jail free card” that magically transforms a so-so design into a dazzling visual experience....

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