How to order a customised Fergo

1.Open up the enquiry form.

2. Describe the layout you are after.

3. If you have a picture or a logo in a digital format you can send it to us either via email or post on a CD. Please make sure the files are saved in the right formats. Now if your files are mor then 2,5 meg please send it to us via post on a CD. If the file is smaller then 2.5 meg please email it to us.

4. Select the LongLife fergo® option if required.

5. Fill in quantity and if duplicates is required.

6. Let us know how you prefer to pay.

7. Chose a dilivery option

8. Fill in your contact details.

9. We will contact you as soon as possible.

A tax invoice will be sent with order.

All prices are in Australian Dollars and GST exlusive. For orders within Australia, 10% GST will be added on order total.