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What is a fergo and will it work for me?

A fergo is basically a high temperature slide for use in stage luminaries for effects lighting, image projection or both.

Primarily designed for use in a Selecon Pacific luminare it is now possible to use in other luminaries such as ETC Source 4’s, Altman Shakespeare as well as the Strand S/L via Rosco’s Image Pro™.

Plastic projections are the most commonly seen and used for low cost image access on short seasons or as required by quick turnaround and budget limitations.

Fergos can also be used for corporate branding for short-term events, and the ability to be full colour at an A size gate (75mm) has advantages when using a 90-degree Pacific with short throw projection.

What type of fergo do I need?

Apart from size issues (A size – M size - iPro-DHA rotator) there are two options in choosing a fergo: standard fergo or long life fergo?

  • A standard fergo is a high resolution transparency with a dense black that can be either dark red, grey or green if held to a pure light source, but ultimately is black in projection terms until UV degradation occurs. Colours* are rich and saturated.

    Noticeable UV degradation from a completely black image will take about 20 minutes at full with both a GKV 600w and a T/27 650w lamp in a properly set up Pacific.

    In conjunction with a UV filter (rosco or Lee) in the rear gate of a Pacific you can expect 4 times the UV life, with a Selecon UV holder you can expect 8 times the life.

    It is worth mentioning that the colour and density of the image have a direct impact on the life of the image as does intensity of the luminare (assuming tungsten) which can be dropped without noticeable change and significantly add life, most examples shown in the showcase are limited in this way to 80% or less in output.

    These fixtures were also over flattened to minimise gate temperature.

    With all plastic projections it is essential to trial both the image for longevity as well as aesthetics.

    For detailed set up procedure in a Selecon Pacific and general information on plastic projections click here:

  • A long life fergo is a new type of fergo using new generation inks and media to achieve higher resolution, saturation and image quality as well as a significant increase in life of image.
    The black is highly saturated and is suited for applications where the image requires a high level of UV protection and masked image.

    Currently field tests are under way but initial results indicate about a 40 times increase in life in comparison to a standard fergo in both tungsten and MSR lamp and CDM lamp sources with minimal UV degradation.